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Special service to mark 50 years

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Special service to mark 50 years

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REVEREND MARTIN GOODRIDGE and his wife, Sister Pearl Goodridge, were the toast of the Gardens Church of God in Reid Gap, St James yesterday.
The church held a special Sunday service to mark their 50 years of marriage.
The Goodridges said the success of their marriage reflected the fact that they were willing to listen and discuss things with each other and to accept major changes along the way.
Pearl referred to Martin as her friend and advisor and someone whom she could run any idea by.
“Whatever we did, we supported each other,” she said.
“We never tried to compete; it was a matter of sharing and putting the other person before yourself.”
Martin said that they were blessed with the support of people whom God had surrounded them with.
“There is so much quarrelling and contention between people today but we had friends whom we could count on, who loved the Lord and set the example.
“God has always placed people around us who have been significant in our lives,” Martin said.
The Goodridges’ advice for young persons who are about to embark on marriage is to work out a plan they can live with, set attainable goals and stick with them.
They say that one of the most important things is to take breaks together and spend quality time. Pearl said: “We go on holiday at least every year and it is different. He is just relaxed and we find time for each other.”
The two were married on June 1, 1963 when Pearl was 21 years and Martin 20. Yesterday they were joined by their five children – Joy Jackman, Angela West, Joanna Winckler and Tony and Robert Goodridge – as well as their 15 grandchildren.
Robert Goodridge spoke about the success of the marriage at a time when the tradition has come under fire.
He said some saw it as restricting personal freedom while some viewed it as just a convenience, where two incomes make life easier. (LK)

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