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Water mess

Sanka Price

Water mess

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IN WHAT HAS been described as a “highly unconscionable act”, a senior citizen has been fleeced of more than $6 000 over the last two years by paying bills for her water which was actually being stolen.
On the other hand, the people who benefited from the theft claim that as tenants they were unaware of what was being done and now have no access to water through no fault of theirs.
The matter is being investigated by the police.
Evidence gathered so far by the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) indicates that the woman’s water supply could have been tapped on three separate occasions over that period to feed six apartments located behind her home.
The BWA knows this because each time the Hill Road, Bank Hall, St Michael, apartments had their water supply disconnected, there was a spike in the senior citizen’s bill.
The last time the apartments’ water supply was cut off was on February 13 this year and the elderly woman’s bill again rose sharply.