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He didn’t tell me he had herpes

rhondathompson, [email protected]

He didn’t tell  me he had herpes

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Dear Christine,
I BELIEVE that anyone who knows he or she has a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and gets involved with another person should be charged for doing so.
Too many individuals are hurt because of someone else’s selfishness. What have we come to, Christine?
I have an STD because the person who had it did not tell me. We used condoms during sexual intercourse, but we also kissed and had oral sex.
I now know for a fact that condoms do not stop STDs.
I have since [taken] that individual to court and since he does not want anyone to know, he has agreed to pay my monthly medical fees. My “private part” feels as if it will fall out. I have sores and I have difficulty drinking. I also have tummy pains and heat bumps on my lips almost every week. I am sorry to be so graphic, but the public needs to know how painful herpes is.
Not everyone experiences “breakouts” and not everyone has heat bumps. Some people don’t have breakouts at all, but that does not mean anything. As long as an individual has herpes, he or she will pass it on by way of something as little as a kiss. An individual with children would not want anyone to do this to their children, so why would they do it to others?  
I have vowed not to pass on my disease, and I believe that people who know they are sick should be mindful of others.
– MF
Dear MF,
You do not have to apologize for being “so graphic”. In fact, I think it is very important that the general public is made aware of and educated about the various STDs which are out there.
Many people (especially the very young) are of the view that since they cannot become pregnant through oral or anal sex, this kind of sex is relatively safe. They do not realize that STDs can be passed on through kissing, oral and anal sex, and even through the use of shared needles.
If individuals are armed with this kind of information, I believe the number of STDs can be greatly reduced and individuals would think twice about being promiscuous.
Thanks so much for sharing. I’m certain your information and advice will help many.