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Standing tall

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Standing tall

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BLACKMAN & GOLLOP and Lawrence T. Gay Memorial have emerged unbeaten after the first round of matches in Pool A of the Pine Hill Dairy Primary Schools’ Netball Competition.
Yesterday at the Netball Stadium, Blackman and Gollop defeated Chalky Mount 7-2 and Ellerton Primary 10-1. Lawrence T. Gay were 9-2 winners over Chalky Mount and 7-0 over Good Shepherd. Ellerton also beat Good Shepherd 4-0.
Matches continue today with Pool B in action at the same venue.
Here, Aleah Ward (second left) of Lawrence T. Gay getting airborne to try to prevent the shot by Asha Yearwood of Chalky Mount. Watching are goalkeeper Hannah Thorpe (centre), Denica Scott of Chalky Mount and umpire Monette Wharton. (Picture by Sharon Harding.)