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Virgene, Corey on top

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Virgene, Corey on top

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VIRGENE MAYNARD and Corey Greenidge deserve all plaudits for capturing the queen and king titles at the 12th Annual Powerade Island Fitness Pageant which took place at the St Leonard’s Hall on Sunday night.
In the process, Greenidge became the first champion as this was the first year that there was a male segment.
However, the overall running of the show punctuated with stalls and pauses added almost two unnecessary hours to a competition which started just a few minutes after the advertised seven o’clock time and ended after 11 p.m.
The lack of form and imagination by some of the competitors also suggested that greater screening and training should be implemented for event No.13.
The acrobatics of Greenidge plus his eloquence in answering the question made him an automatic winner while Maynard’s effervescence and flexibility gave her the edge over second placed Asha Chase and a disappointed Antoinette Downie.
Downie, who would have campaigned in other national events with success showed petulance in grabbing her trophy and storming off of the stage refusing to take the top-three competitors’ photo at the end of the show.
Nevertheless, she was dynamic in her presentation but her muscularity would have cost her points as the rules stated that “physical definition and excessive muscular development will be penalized”.
Competitors like Kayana Layne and Iman Alleyne showed great guts in taking part since they were clearly short of fitness and condition to seriously challenge the others. However, second-placed Dwayne Boucher, Jomario Goddard and Thorne Wood ensured that Greenidge had to go for his top effort.
Second placed Asha Chase, Nicole Garnes, Tracia Rouse, Chaka Welch and Nicole Garnes all brought tremendous form but unfortunately they were hurt by some bland faces and weak attempts at acrobatics.
Dave Waldron and NRG Fitness Consultants should be congratulated for staging the show for another year.
Waldron visibly micromanaged proceedings. In spite of a good attempt by MC Junior Jordan to hold the show together, Waldron saw the need to literally stand next to the MC on the stage while constantly whispering bits of information to him.
He was also giving instructions to the DJ, operating the curtains and going back stage to check on the competitors. And, even after given six minutes to give introductory remarks at the start, Waldron used the prize-giving session to add to the lengthy banter by giving snippets of personal experiences with the competitors and sponsors.
In addition, pointing out that many of the competitors started training in February was not a plus if those competitors looked short of being ready even for the 2014 show.
The opening dance act and the obvious growth of professional dancer Justin Poleon were exciting while the role played by The Jester added some mirth. With greater planning, screening and execution, the 2013 show could be a much better edition.