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Gall Hill grouse over BFA ruling

Ezra Stuart

Gall Hill grouse over BFA ruling

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PRIDE OF GALL HILL are crying foul over the Barbados Football Association’s (BFA) executive committee’s decision to award an unplayed third-round KFC?Champions Cup knockout match to Blackspurs.
The Christ Church club are seeking “a fair hearing” of their grouse.
They have retained the services of attorney-at-law Arthur Holder and have lodged an appeal against the BFA’s ruling, made at a council meeting on May 24, that the club failed to produce the stipulated ID cards before the scheduled start of the match on May 18.
A club official, who requested anonymity, told NATIONSPORT yesterday that the club, after receiving notification of the ruling on Monday, forwarded a letter to the BFA the next day, asking for a meeting.