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Bay Street businessman ‘forced to clean public drains’

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Bay Street businessman ‘forced to clean public drains’

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The proprietor of a Bay Street bar is upset at having to fork out $150 to clean the public drains at the front of his business yesterday because he could not getthe Government’s Drainage Unit to fix it.
Russell Arrindell, owner of Smith’s Corner Bar, said he paid three men from the community to do the job to prevent flooding when it rains.
Arrindell complained that when the Drainage Unit cleared the drain they took so long to remove the debris that it usually ended up in the drain again.
“This leads to flooding and an increase of mosquitoes,” he said adding that he was sometimes forced to close his bar and lose business.
Arrindell said that after failing to contact the  Drainage Unit after several attempts, he went to the Ministry of Health on Monday to complain about the situation and was told that “they were busy.”
When contacted by the WEEKEND?NATION, Peter Phillips of the Drainage Unit dismissed Arrindell’s claims and said  that there was a cleaning crew in Bridgetown that cleaned the street every day and a special crew was dispatched on Sunday.
He added that extra care was taken with keeping Bay Street clean since it was heavily frequented by tourists. (ZD)