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Vendors staying put

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Vendors staying put

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THE TWO DEATHS that occurred off the City Centre Car Park in Bridgetown last year and yesterday have saddened vendors, but some say they still intend to sell there.
Cynthia Jones, who usually goes there in the morning to help her grandson stock his stall, told the SATURDAY SUN: “I was here helping my grandson pack out the things, and when I hear the shout, I thought the man feel bad and fall down but when I look I see he there lying down on the ground on he back, and I just stand up and watch he. I couldn’t do anything for him, so I just watched.”
Jones added that she shouted to Pauline, another vendor, “to send somebody to help him up but she keep telling me don’t touch him”.
She explained: “The man hit down so hard, I know he couldn’t live. When he drop he take his last breath and then he was gone.” (DG)