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Paul: Stand with us

Carlos Atwell

Paul: Stand with us

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THE BARBADOS AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY’S (BAS) chief executive officer James Paul is calling for farmers’ support in taking a stand against supermarkets and restaurants which do not use local products.
During a pig farmers’ seminar at the BAS headquarters, The Grotto, on Beckles Road, St Michael, yesterday, Paul said the society was fighting on behalf of farmers so it was imperative it got support.
“Stand behind us. We are trying our best to ensure that we defend the industry and give you, the farmer, opportunities to sell your commodities here without having to face unfair competition from products imported from overseas,” he said.
“We cannot and will not allow a situation where persons seek to undermine the livelihood of farmers in this country. We cannot have a situation where supermarkets and franchise operators feel they can come into Barbados and, instead of buying local products, seek to import a product which is being produced here.”