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DEAR CHRISTINE: Stop prostituting the children

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Stop prostituting the children

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Dear Christine,
THE SUNDAY SUN recently carried an article about mothers being paid to keep their mouths shut when their young daughters are raped.
UNICEF’s child law reformist Faith Marshall Harris is working to eradicate this scourge by updating the laws and introducing new legislation. Good luck to her!
In fact, good luck to those who do nothing more than belly-ache incident after incident, day after day, about child abuse and especially child sexual abuse.
It seems to be a cultural thing for mothers to sanction the sexual abuse of their young sons and daughters.
Let me give you an example: there is a mother in my street in her 40s who has several daughters. She also has sons of similar ages. Each daughter has two to four children and receives no support from the children’s fathers. Each child has a different father and none of them work or visit the children.
The matriarch has told the girls and neighbours that their vaginas are cash-boxes and they should make sure their boxes are filled.
She said her children must help pay the bills.
As this is a dysfunctional family, the children do as the mother suggests. Activity at the house is overwhelming, and onlookers are always gossiping about what goes on there.
The children also make “home visits” to pleasure any man or woman willing to pay for any session of lewdness, debauchery or promiscuity. Children between three and 13 must witness sessions of unbecoming behaviour.
With a mother like this, what chance do these young girls have?
Why are the authorities not going after mothers also while investigating male rapists?
Surely they would find evidence of neglect and a lack of care by the mother or guardian.
As a concerned parent, I have come to believe no matter how many agencies there are or how many reports we hear, the culture of young girls and boys, mothers and fathers who do not care, will continue to degenerate into an unhealthy state.
We call ourselves a Christian and caring society, but when one witnesses episodes of child sexual abuse, prostitution, promiscuity, and finds the authorities reluctant or slow to investigate, one wonders where we are heading.
A visit to the hospital’s maternity ward will reveal the number of under-age girls who regularly give birth. Why are the men not being prosecuted?
Not all can pay “hush-money” to parents.
We need to do something for these young children. They need our protection, that of the church, the education system, welfare organizations and judicial management.
Christine, your column is widely read around the world in hard copy from news-stands, in waiting rooms and on the World Wide Web. Any statement that hits home at the heart of this scourge sweeping our beautiful  island would be well supported.
– EW
Dear EW,
All you’ve written is true and is also happening in communities around the world.
Don’t be surprised at some of the things you see taking place on Earth today.
Scriptural prophecies are being fulfilled before our eyes – children are having children, men are becoming lovers of themselves, and those of your own household are being revealed as your enemies.
I am not saying that we sit back and do nothing. I agree something needs to be done, since lust, sex and the love of money have taken over many societies – at all levels.
The situation is serious and must be reported to the Child Care Board immediately. It is your duty as a concerned parent and neighbour to do so.
Most parents and guardians seek to steer their children in the right direction. Sadly, others do the opposite – usually for the sake of money.
The number of teenage pregnancies is also a grave concern. Like you, I wonder why the men involved are not charged for engaging in sex with minors. At times these young girls or their parents must take some blame.
Your letter will create a stir, and I am open to receive and print the views and responses of readers – including the views of anyone in authority.