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Lord, come fuh yuh worl’!

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Lord, come fuh yuh worl’!

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Jes’ imagine, befo’ we could blink, anethuh week gone by, an’ de time hey agen fuh me to get dis “missile” in de pos’ to you. Wait, wuh I sayin’? Nex’ t’ing, yuh might tell people I wanta harm yuh. Sorry fuh de slip muhgirl, it is “missive” I mean.  Anyhow, “missile”, “missive”, de impo’tant t’ing is to ax ef yuh in good healf an’ doin’ awright.
Yuh frien’ down hey coolin’ out an’ tekkin’ in all de do’s an’ dont’s from de ones dat know an’ de ethuhs dat feel duh know – de majority – ’pon de ole, ole topic o’ “same sex marriage” – a subjeck dat keep comin’ back like a bad penny. News dat de French guvment recently decide to put de new gay marriage law in force – one o’ dem president major campaign promises – had it back in de local limelight, an’ de call-in programmes an’ letters to de papers show dat mos’ Bajans still hol’in’ to duh views ’pon dis “hot potato” – no same-sex marriage!   
As we would expeck, de Church had a lot to say ’gains’ it. I onderstan’ one pastor even say he would be “willin’ to die rather dan perform such a ceremony”. Strong words. Anyhow, dah’s fuh he to say an’ we to fin’ out, right? I cyhan see dah type o’ ceremony happenin’ in we churches any time soon, doh, so in de meantime, I hope duh keep on tryin’ to put we back ’pon de right paff – all de time rememberin’ dat “charity begins at home”. We got some big problems, y’know – lack o’ love fuh one anethuh, inces’, “white collar crime”, drugs, immorality . . . .    
Now Ness, lemmuh state right now, dat I don’ agree wid de actions o’ dese gays an’ lesbians.  I check bofe Bibles, de oletime one wid de confusin’ language o’ “Thee’s” an’ “Thou’s”, an’ de mo’ up-to-date one , an’ I en see neffin nowhey ‘bout God ‘greein’ wid homosexuality. So I stickin’ wid He Word. But dah don’ mean I gine start knockin’ down anybody ’cause I don’ like how duh livin’. Sometimes we could get so self-righteous – all de time committin’ some sin – in secret – dat we don’ want expose.
I jes’ cyhan onderstan’ doh, how dis lifestyle get so pop’lar. I refuse to believe dat all dese t’ousan’s o’ people born wid de wrong hormones. Dah really could be possible? Mebbee some do it fuh “kicks”, money, or jes’ plain wuflissness. Nuff intelligent men an’ women “dah way” nowadays. Always hollerin’ an’ keepin’ n’ise fuh “rights” duh feel belongks to dem. Even de Law now ‘greein’ it awright fuh dem to adop’ trildrun!.
Mos’ o’ de big countries don’ see one t’ing wrong wid homosexuality – remember Obama gi’e it de official “nod” las’ year (I en know ef it was to get votes) an’ de country whey you live, is one o’ de chief supporters. Africa an’ de Caribbean still hol’in’ out, but one day – an’ mebbee not too far off neithuh – when it come down to a choice o’ sayin’ yes” or losin’ aid, well . . . . !      
Dis ole worl’ gine from bad to worse, yuh en know? Love fuh money an’ not fuh one anethuh, got yoomans ’pon a slippery paff. Homosexuality, immorality, inces’, murders, drugs, big-time t’iefin’ – anyt’ing to get it. No “big t’ing” ef yuh get ketch.  Dependin’ wuh part o’ de worl’ yuh livin’, one o’ two t’ings would happen – eithuh yuh get outfit in a orange jump suit (remember Bernie?), or yuh get off lickin’.
Philomena swear blin’ dat soon from now, de Lord gine get so fed-up wid we messin’ up “E worl’, He gine say enuff is enuff, an’ decide to return an’ do somet’ing ’bout it.  
– Tek care o’ yuhselfYuh frien’ Babsie