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School could do with Govt help

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School could do with Govt help

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LEACOCK’S PRIVATE SCHOOL has toughened it out to help mould hundreds of young minds for more than 60 years and it is time for the St Peter school to get more financial attention from Government, principal Sybil Leacock said yesterday.
The long-serving educator was speaking during a visit from Senator Harry Husbands, the Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education.
“We have never had any financial help from Government,” Leacock told reporters. “It is thanks to the [commercial] banks in Speightstown which have favoured us so far with loans in order to carry on so I hope they [Government] will look into the fact we are struggling in these hard economic times.”
However, Leacock made it clear she was “too proud to beg” and didn’t intend to go to Government “cap in hand”.  (CA)

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