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Everyone should go to work for 10 o’clock

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Everyone should go to work for 10 o’clock

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We hear it from doctors, from complementary medicine people, from parents, from old people – “get a good night’s rest”.
Laurens Maas does go further: he want me to sleep between 10 p.m. and at least 4 a.m. but preferably 6 a.m. He swear dat if I do dat, plus de other things he recommend, I gine lose weight.
But if I follow dat, I could only go out to dinner fuh 6:30 p.m. and I would miss every Crop Over party where I can eat and drink out friends, who don’t bring out de good stuff till late.
De other thing I notice is dat people and mornings don’t seem to go hand in hand. People hate waking up early and Lord help yuh, iffing yuh got to catch a bus or maxi to get to work and have to listen to all dah vulgar music.
Listen to de morning people pun radio. Dem come on at five but don’t crank up before 6 o’clock. Sometimes yuh does wonder if dem went back home ’cause yuh hardly hear them. I sympathize wid dem; it got to do wid lack of sleep.
Wid so many vehicles pun de road, and traffic building up from before seven o’clock, people getting up earlier and earlier, children sleep-deprived, couples too tired to percolate, wives snarling at husbands and vice versa, people getting to work late  – it is a struggle every weekday and, come weekends, yuh too tired to do anything.
Look at people faces in de buses and cars; nobody looking happy, nuh smiling faces, everybody look blank or angry and if yuh mek a bad drive, de cussing does start. Things not gine change so we gine got to do something drastic.
De folks at de Caribbean Super Station in Trinidad got de right idea; dem don’t start work till 6 o’clock. My solution is simple, let everybody get a good night’s sleep and start work at 10 o’clock.
Think ’bout it: we could all sleep comfortably till seven o’clock, catch de 7:30 news pun Starcom Network, read de Nation newspaper, gossip li’l bit pun de phone, and den tek yuh time and casually go to work, fully rested and in good shape to face de day. De fitness buffs woulda gone to the gym or fuh a swim and all ah we would then be gine to work fuh 10 o’clock, just like Government workers.
De benefits would be amazing. Yuh would get li’l peace or piece in de morning, children would get up, sort themselves out and go to school while you tek yuh time and enjoy de morning.
You gine end work at 7 o’clock so yuh got more benefits; yuh don’t have to watch Days Of Our Lives nor suffer through CBC’s incredible unbalanced, unfair, committed-to-one-side news.
When yuh get home, children done dey homework so nuh help needed; ditto dinner. Yuh don’t have to visit de mother-in-law, nor drop de madam to de grocery; all dat done and yuh could sit down and play computer games or watch deep and intellectually stimulating shows like Dancing Wid De Stars, Keeping Up Wid De Kardashians or the ever wonderful adventures of de bachelor or bachelorette!
Of course, a simpler solution would be to just get to work late everyday wid de explanation “I was working from home!”
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?