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Government must lead way


Government must lead way

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AT LEAST ONE top ranking administrator believes Government must lead the way if sport is to take the leap from amateur to professional status.
“The Government has to take the lead in setting the policy for sport and really working towards the goals in this policy,” president of the Barbados Football Association (BFA), Randy Harris told the Nation’s Talkback town hall meeting at Solidarity House on Wednesday night.
“I think that if they can show Barbados that they are serious about sports in Barbados, everybody else will follow.”
Harris was contributing to the discussion topic: How Do We Transform Sports In Barbados From The Amateur Status To Professional Level.
He added, however, that there needed to be a collective effort from all stakeholders for any initiative to be successful.
Harris said that most of the national associations, including the BFA, were working short-handed.
Without adequately trained staff, there was very little that associations could do to help push the respective sports forward, Harris said.
“I don’t want us to fool ourselves. We have national associations who are managing sports and a lot of them do not have any professionals in the different areas of sport,” he added.
“At the BFA we look after about 8 000 participants and we don’t have a trained accountant, we don’t have a legal representative and we don’t have a medical representative.
“So basically we are doing the best we can with what we have.”  
Harris was adamant that those people who were in positions to be of assistance, needed to step up to the plate.
The time had come in Barbados for “those who were well to start dealing with the broken”, he said.
“I find that there are a lot of people in Barbados who are well trained, and we don’t need you there all the time, what we need is to make sure that we are competent to take the different sports forward.
“What we need right now is help,” he said.
Harris added that despite benefiting from a sizeable grant from FIFA, the BFA needed help on how to manage the funding properly so that they could get the most out of it.