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Tough days for beach vendors

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Tough days for beach vendors

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Beach vendors and watersport operators are praying for a turnaround in the tourism sector, so they can continue to earn a living.
Yesterday as Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley continued the Rubbing Shoulders Programme, with a tour of the Dover, Pebbles, Holetown and Mullins beaches, vendor Robert Charmont was busy packing up his beach chairs and umbrellas having not made any sales for the day.
Charmont, who has 80 chairs and has been operating from Mullins Beach for the past seven years, said things have been “not so good”.  
He said since February the dire situation has forced him to turn to his savings which are almost gone.
“Money is not coming in. The little money I have put down for red days I have to go in it and pick, pick until things turn up good,” he said. (LK)