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Seeking money from her abuser

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Seeking money from her abuser

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AFTER BEING treated like a punching bag, a certain woman has gone back to her violent lover, hoping that he would give her $30 000 for the pain, suffering and embarrassment which he recently caused her.
But she may have to wait a very long time for this settlement since this man, who seems to have a knack for breaking the law instead of upholding it, is back to treating her like a dog.
Apparently, when she turned up at a party and caught him in the arms of another woman he ignored her completely. And when she demanded the underwear he was wearing, which she had bought for him, he removed it and threw it at her.
Guess she prefers the $30 000 to get back a pretty smile instead of seeing this man behind bars for what he did to her.
Silent after failureWHY HAS a certain man turned so silent now that things have not gone in his favour?
It appears that his scheme to rake in a quick $2 million backfired and now he is back at the drawing board.What a shame because he is so heavily in debt and has to pull out money to pay the fees of his competitor.Price of freedomA CERTAIN MAN who is not very much admired, especially around this time of the year, has cost his employers a hefty sum for his mouthings.Apparently, he was also forced to humble himself and apologise to a certain entertainer in front of staff after going on air and questioning a particular financial situation. The aggrieved party walked away with a cool $100 000, showing that he’s got all of his mental faculties intact.
On the other hand, the know-it-all, who likes to run his mouth, should finally understand that there is really no such thing as unqualified freedom of speech in Bim.Off the board A MAN at the centre of the previous scenario got a rude awakening when his contract to sit on a board was not renewed.
Apparently, those in authority felt that he went on a rampage during the election period to discredit them on social media.The poor fellow only learnt that he was ousted when he turned up at a meeting. Given how sensitive he is, we hope he did not check in at Black Rock for a few days.Vengeful womanFIVE BUDDIES have been left out in midfield following a very public exposure of their lives.Call it a woman scorned or a woman horned, or whatever you want, but there is no doubt that a female is out to ruin them by putting all of their sordid business in black and white.We are guessing that soccer season will never be the same again for these devoted followers.Better view THERE WAS once the privileged pump for political big-ups, now this seems to have been extended to traffic mirrors.Word is that two of these mirrors have been erected at a certain place in Christ Church, one on either side. This would allow the person using the road leading to some apartments to easily see the oncoming traffic, to both the left and right. The thing is these mirrors were only set up since a certain politico moved into the apartments.