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Fighting to bitter end


Fighting to bitter end

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WALKING?ON the lush green land at Bennetts, St Thomas, brought back fond memories for Icilma Rowe of when her father used to take her and her siblings to play there when she was a little girl.
She still treasures those memories, especially when she remembers how hard her father worked on the plantation as a labourer to support his family.
That is why the 44-year-old woman and her mother Muriel Brewster, 76, intend to fight for the land which their father worked for many years and which he also bought from the plantation.
For the past five years the family has been engaged in a legal battle with estate giant Sandy Lane Properties Ltd. which is trying to acquire the 24 446 square feet of land which Rowe’s father, Kellinus Brewster, bought from Barbados Farms Ltd. 19 years ago.