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Not on the list


Not on the list

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TWO MEDICAL SPECIALISTS – Dr Alfred Sparman and Dr Beresford “Berry” Connell – are the most prominent names missing from the list of registered specialists as at April 30.
But while Sparman, who worked as a cardiologist, is on the list of registered medical practitioners as at January 31 and can continue to practise as that even though he would be breaking the law if he does any specialist procedure, Connell’s name is on neither list.
If the law is followed this could mean that Connell, who works as a consultant psychiatrist at the Psychiatric Hospital, would no longer be able to continue in this role, and if he was unable to get accreditation to register as a medical practitioner between January 31 and March 31, he would be unable to continue working as a medical doctor too, even though he initially qualified to do so for more than two decades.  
The two doctors’ dilemma relates to the new Medical Act which came into force last June. The act specifies that for doctors to be accredited, they have to satisfy the requirements of a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) assessment scheme, which ascribes credits for various activities that contribute to them furthering their education. These include presentations to, and participation at, peer conferences.