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Bajans’ views on Dottin’s leave

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Bajans’ views on Dottin’s leave

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Barbadians have been reacting to the news that Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin has been removed from duty.
This is what some readers are saying about the move.
Carl Harper: “It sets a serious precedent and can amount to trouble when political interference messes with the armed forces (police or military) in this manner. It has the potential for an internal uprising and eventual social unrest. Thankfully, Bajans are known as a passive and long-suffering people – not easily prone to anger or violence. ….”
Trudy Mayers:  “Under this man’s leadership, I have never seen so much drugs seized, in all levels, large and small scale. I hope there is not a resurgence or slow down in any drug finds.”
Big Sky:  “This man did a wonderful job confronting crime and dealing with issues swiftly. It is unfair to him to be moved …”
Sharon Woolley: “At last Dottin is out, now the police can go forward with a leader who can hopefully start to reduce crime against locals and tourists”.
David Hall: “The only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing”.  I await the response of Civil society and others on this development.”
Oriel Haynes: “Yes, its about time.”
Leandra Lewis: This is most unfortunate in the manner in which they have unceremoniously removed the Commissioner of Police from his post. I may not know all the details but the act in itself was tactless and distasteful on the face of it. It seems like political interference by government officials into institutions who are supposed to act in the interest of the public and not politicians have become the order of the day in the Caribbean and Barbados has now joined the ranks of partiality. Very disappointing indeed.”
Margaret Ross: “When are we going to hear the reason for his firing? Obviously they think of it just yesterday; had to be in the planning. Since they fired him, will he be able to collect unemployment, pension, etc.? What’s next, or should I ask, who’s next?”
David E Hall: “A sad day for democracy!”
Ryan Kellman: “No one knows the inside stories, myself included, so don’t make any detrimental statements.” (CM)