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FLYING FISH $ COU COU: Stumped on how to respond

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FLYING FISH $ COU COU: Stumped on how to respond

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A LETTER WRITTEN and sent to a certain person has created near panic among a select group.
It appears the group was not informed, as should have been the case, that the letter was being written and sent. So when the action was initiated, none of these noted people had a clue, and were caught on the back foot.
And because the letter was structured in a manner that was not consistent with how these pieces of correspondence would normally be done, it left them in an even greater quandary to defend.
According to usually reliable sources, this is why to this date there has not really been a sensible response to the noise created by this letter.
Cou Cou was told high-level meetings had been held since then to manage the uproar created by this letter, but the situation is difficult, given the wording of the letter and the implications it can have on someone who is normally not included in any controversy.
One insider said the situation was a real mess which those who matter could do well without, given all their other pressing problems.
However, some others close to the situation suggest that the letter put to an end a long-running battle whose conclusion was long overdue.  
The person said that as eggs have to be cracked to make omelettes, there is never an easy way to end a mortal struggle without blood being spilt.
So now the chips will have to fall where they may.
Floored by political move
BAJAN POLITICS gave a man who considers himself an international talent a rude reality check recently.
This man, who is not known for hiding his views on other people, was put into a full nelson wrestling hold by an individual he once had little time for.
From what we understand, this man who looks young for his age, said very little good or otherwise about the particular individual. He tended to ignore the individual and his work most of the time.
But with a change in boards recently, the individual came from being an outsider to become an insider.
So the man has had to change his stance. He must now give this individual and his work real respect. Therefore overnight the individual has now moved from light smoke that can be easily blown off to a strong fire that cannot be ignored.
You snooze, you lose!
A CERTAIN PERSON is smiling all the way to the bank while the company which wanted him is hopping mad.
From what Cou Cou was able to gather, this person’s contract with one company came to an end, but the company dragged its feet on renewing it. Also, it did not come up with the big bucks his manager was demanding for his services.
However, a second company liked the proposal put to it by this person’s management and decided to spend the dollars to get him. So now he is with them instead.
The first company, which often boasts of being better than any rival, is now seeing red for letting this person slip through its fingers like Irish cream.
The last laugh
IT WAS NOT a sporting gesture, but when a deputy chairman of a board was handed his walking papers, others – like the chairman – could not help but laugh at his reaction.
He was caught unawares and showed it. Though the letter thanked him rather nicely for his services, his face showed just how he felt about the manner of his removal.
But the real joke came moments later when the chairman, too, was handed one of the letters. His smile turned to a frown when he received the same “thank you” note.