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What’s Trending:Readers’ say on Sparman

Looka Lew, [email protected]

What’s Trending:Readers’ say on Sparman

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The American College of Cardiology has refuted cardiologist Dr Alfred Sparman’s claim that he is a member.
This after Sparman held a press conference last week to respond to his registration as a cardiologist.
A letter dated June 19 stated: “You are not a member or FACC of the American College of Cardiology and you many not represent yourself s such”.
Our readers have been commenting on this development.
Jeanette Hernandez: “Who looks real stupid here. Not the doctor. That’s for sure. You are telling me that if I came to Barbados and said I was a doctor they would let me practise without checking out my credentials. The doctor has nothing to explain…..”.
Randy Posvar: “I wonder where he got the training? I mean, you can’t just jump into a jumbo jet with passengers and start flying?”.
Hayden Shepherd: “Explain yourself Sparman”.