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DE MARKET VENDOR: Something wrong! De Gap on life support

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DE MARKET VENDOR: Something wrong! De Gap on life support

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In early May I did in de Helen of de West Indies fuh de St Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival and as I did tell wunnah it was a great experience of a well executed festival.
But something else catch de eye, pun de Friday night of de festival after hearing de Jacksons at Pigeon Island. I went into Rodney Bay and de place was kicking, restaurants buzzing, live music, people liming by de bars, girls dressed to kill and looking hot hot, fellas drooling, taxis in abundance, cars parked pun either side of de road and in every nook and cranny, the energy, yuh could feel it, locals and visitors hanging together, people laughing, street characters offering to wash cars or begging fuh a dollar, money turning over, the place alive, from one end of Rodney Bay to de next and yuh could eat any cuisine yuh pallet desired, from Indian to Chinese, Japanese to Jamaican or Italian, Rodney Bay got it all.
And to crown things off fuh de more adventurous de Lucians have a state of de art casino, like anything yuh would find in Vegas, de owner boast dat it is de biggest casino in this region, yuh boy get a tour of de place, he must be mistake me fuh somebody dat he thought woulda drop some money in dey but not a cent of me hard earned dollars was gine in gambling but ah had to admit de place look world class. De bouncers look like WWF wrestlers so I left inside dey in a hurry.
Back home, two weeks later I went wid friends to sample some of de greatest food in Bubbadus at Thomas Harris new place Rush, in St Lawrence gap (check de Vindaloo, it spicy and it sweet fuh days) as we walking through de gap from one end to de next, a Saturday night to boot, de place did dead. No energy, very few people, nuh music, wha happen here? 
De Gap was like a wake, there was a time when de weekend had to start or end in de Gap, when de south coast road traffic used to be inching along in both directions fuh hours pun a Friday or Saturday night wid cars trying to get into de Gap. Something wrong. De Gap pun life support.
Speaking of fixing things apparently de trend in Bubbadus is renting rooms in hotels and apartments fuh a few hours, the assumption is dat people gine there to fix up instead of parking out and getting robbed or worse. One owner in de business tell de NATION newspaper “when you come in, it’s wham bam thank you ma’am and you’re outa there!”
One pastor say yuh cannot jump to conclusions, dat a person could be renting de room to hold a seminar, carry out a business transaction or bring in a woman but yuh cannot jump to de conclusion that it is strictly fuh immoral purposes.
Judge not, lest ye be judged, pastor yuh gine got to do some convincing when de seminar tekking place at midnight and de trainer only training a hot looking young lady in pum pum shorts.
A popular American furniture store does use de brand name “Rooms To Go,” in dese hard times de local version is “Rooms To Rent!”
All dis talk bout sex might just be a red herring, it could be dat a fella just renting de room to get away from a nagging wife, he might just need to de-stress, need a break.
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear!