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‘A waste’

Ricky Jordan

‘A waste’

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Prominent Pentecostal preacher Dr David Durant yesterday described same-sex marriage as “a waste of time” and a practice which, if adopted here, would do nothing to reverse the island’s falling fertility rate.
Durant, a Government Senator, told the Senate that the country “wouldn’t want” to take the same-sex marriage route in an increasingly ageing society. He was speaking during debate on Barbados’ White Paper On Ageing.
“By 2025 some 20.4 per cent of our population will be 65 and over. Our population ageing is due to the declining fertility rates and increased longevity in conjunction with improved health care and a higher standard of living. Indeed, same-sex marriage will not improve our fertility rate,” he said.
“It’s a waste of time and will make our already declining fertility rate worse. So we wouldn’t want to go in that direction. I think we really need to see our fertility rate increase in our island for the sake of our future,” the founding pastor of Restoration Ministries International said.