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Crop Over officially starts

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Crop Over officially starts

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Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley called for “discretion and decency in our behaviour” during the “sweetest summer festival in the world”.
“While revelry is part of culture, we should also remember that this is the Season of Emancipation, and part of our achievement as a small developing nation,” Lashley said at the Republic Bank Crop Over Opening Gala And Ceremonial Delivery Of The Last Canes in Queen’s Park.
The minister also touted all the unique opportunities and benefits the event brings.
“The festival is of great economic value,”?he said. “We have to now devise new ways to take advantage. Vendors, promoters, artistes, even taximen, all will benefit.”
Taking time out to speak on the inscription of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, Lashley said the growth of the festival was noticeable over the past three years and the Heritage Walk was sold out again.
Full story in tomorrow’s Sunday Sun.