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Police want fines for people parking in spots for disabled

Mike King

Police want fines for people parking in spots for disabled

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The?Royal Barbados Police Force thinks the time has come for fines to be imposed on motorists who park their vehicles in areas designated for people with disabilities.
Crime Prevention Officer of the force, Station Sergeant Stephen Griffith, told the MIDWEEK?NATION he was concerned that some Barbadians were insensitive to the needs of differently-abled community.
“Plenty of parking is provided for everyone at the supermarkets and the various places of business and it is a form of disrespect to violate their rights. It really is inconsiderate and wrong.
“We should be cultured and considerate to the point that we respect the rights of the disabled community in every way,” he said.
Griffith made it clear the senior command of the force does not ignore the indiscriminate behaviour.
“We are a caring force and will never support this kind of behaviour,” he said.  “You will not see a police vehicle parked in an area designated for the disabled.

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