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Desperately need land to lease

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Desperately need land to lease

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Dear Christine,
I AM THANKFUL to you  for always responding to my letters. It is with hope that I am writing to you again. Previously I wrote to you concerning my problem with the house  I had to move off the land. I now have been given three months by the court to move.
I have travelled all around Barbados searching for land and have been unsuccessful.  I was not able to pay my mortgage as I was only able to get part-time work and little pay. As a result, I lost my land and it  has been a hard time  for my family.
For years we have been moving from place to place and this place has become a home for us. My children did not like the area when we first moved but we all grew to appreciate it and call it home.
We understand the owner of the land needs  to have her land. I have tried to get her permission to rent, lease or purchase, but she only replied  with a notice to move.
Our house is a blessing to us and was given to us after years of paying  rent to a man who was collecting an extra $300 a month for rent.
After the owner found out, she sold me the house and asked me to move as soon as possible. As you know, Christine, I have been trying for a long time  but the court has told  me to move in the next three months.
My family and I have been praying for a solution and we are still waiting.
Although we know time is limited, we also know anything is possible with God. Some people wrote  to me through your column and offered to help move me. I know it’s been a while but I need that help if it is still available. One gentleman had promised some material to help with the house. Now that I need that help, I hope he will get in touch with me.
Anyone who has land for long-term rental, lease or for sale, please contact me. I have two sons who have graduated from  the University of the West Indies and are in good jobs. They are both willing to help.  The Urban Development Commission has also told me to find  the land and they will help. I hope and pray  that all will come together soon so I will be able to move as soon as possible.
Time is limited. I ask all who are touched by  this letter to pray for me and my family as we are leaning on God to come  to our rescue. He knows we have struggled long and He is aware of needs. I am waiting on Him  and all the people He will speak with to assist us.
Thank you for your time, Christine. May the Lord be with you always.  I will keep in touch to let you know the outcome. – SINCERELY HOPEFUL MUM
 Dear Sincerely Hopeful Mum,
 I wish you every success in your search and hope that those who promised, along with other individuals, will reach out to  help you.
You seem to have  a deep faith in God  and that hope will  see you through.
I will pass on  any responses.