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Green lights part of study


Green lights part of study

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THE GREEN LIGHTS  seen in the night sky  in western Barbados  are for research into  the long-range transport  of Saharan mineral dust across the Atlantic Ocean into the Caribbean.
The lights, seen  in Husbands and West Terrace, St James, and nearby areas, are called light detection, ranging and distance measurement devices (LIDAR) and are being used in an Aerosol Cloud and Atmospheric Study being conducted  at the Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH).
The institute, which  is in Husbands, is conducting a research study entitled the Saharan Aerosol Long-Range Transport and  Aerosol-Clod-Interaction Experiment (SALTRACE) in collaboration with several universities and institutes from Germany.
“The green lights that the nearby residents  of West Terrace and Husbands have been seeing over the past few weeks is a laser beam that is being used to analyze aerosol components  in the atmosphere  so there is a contingent  of German researchers here in the island,” research liaison officer Damien Prescod said.