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Boat owners urged to secure vessels

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Boat owners urged to secure vessels

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Boat owners are urged to take immediate action to secure their vessels.
This advice has come from Deputy Chief Fisheries Officer, Joyce Leslie, as the impending tropical storm Chantal approaches.  
Boat owners with larger fishing vessels in the water on the south and south west coast are advised to seek safe shelter in the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex Harbour.
Mrs. Leslie said that the Fisheries Division would be hauling up vessels today on the east coast at Tent Bay and Consett Bay but only for vessels that operate at those sites. 
She added that boat owners with vessels in the north of the island, from Half Moon Fort and Six Men’s to Weston, who wish to seek shelter in the marina at Port St. Charles, should contact the facility at 419-1000. 
Fishers are reminded that an adequate number of tyres fendering and rope are required for securing vessels.  (AR/BGIS)