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DE MARKET VENDOR: Hard as cell to get away from it all

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR: Hard as cell to get away from it all

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It is summer time, time fuh day camps and fuh those dat could afford it, a house at Cattlewash or Bathsheba or better still, a little break overseas wid de family – Miami and New York, here we come, suitcases overloaded wid goodies coming back, de malls sell out and we got de bargains from Hialeah!
Of course, by some curious method airline prices does go up come July and somehow in September dem does come down and I sure it don’t have anything to do wid de fact dat families does be travelling during dis period!
Time was when a li’l trip overseas was just dat: yuh get pun a boat (if yuh old enough yuh would remember de Federal Palm and de Federal Maple) and go pun a li’l trip, usually to one of de islands and stay wid family or friends. When yuh left home, nobody hear from yuh till it is time to come back. Sometimes yuh would mek a two-minute phone call to let everybody know dat yuh arrive safe and de cost of dat call could almost pay a mortgage, but once dat call or cable get send, not a fella hearing from you till yuh get back home!
Same thing when yuh leave home to go to work, yuh catch de bus or drive yuh car and maybe, yuh might mek a call or two to de house fuh some specific purpose but otherwise, once yuh gone, dat was dat.
Some people when dem travel would write a letter or letters and post dem back to family and friends to let them know how things going and dat dem safe.
As times change, yuh would buy a phonecard and mek a few calls back home just so everybody know that you arrive. Today, if we left home widout de damn cellphone we got to drive back home to find it ’cause de whole world gine come to an end iffing yuh don’t have de cellphone!
We know it dangerous but we texting and we driving, we driving and we pun de telephone, in de bus, pun de bicycle, we even pun motorbikes and pun de phone! You gine next door by de neighbour, got to have de cellphone wid yuh. People in church and de cellphones praying too, dem at funerals and de cellphones ringing, even in doctors’ offices. It so bad dat some places got signs asking no cellphones on please!
And it ain’t only Bubbajans dat doing it; I in Italy recently and I seeing people pun de scooters (Italians love motorcycles and scooters) and dem texting or talking, dem walking and talking just like we!
In years gone by when we travel, de first stop after checking in was de mall – dese days de first stop is one of de telecoms companies to get a SIM card to avoid paying roaming charges from LIME and Digicel! In de hotels dem got a new revenue stream called “juck out de eye of de guest wid WiFi charges” and dem want to charge £15 (BDS$44.60) per day fuh Internet!
But I li’l confuse – de reason we does leave home and go pun holiday is to do what? Not get away from people we does see every day? Yet de first thing we want to do as soon as we arrive is hook up wid de same people we just left, de same people we gine see when we get back, when it is dem we running from in de first place! Figure dat one out!
• I, Market Vendor gone fuh now; you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?