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Money’s place

Corey Worrell

Money’s place

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Without money, it is almost impossible to do most things and with money, many problems can be solved. The Bible tells us that love of money is the root of all evil. It should be noted that it didn’t say money was evil.
Having extra cash or another source of income is a wise undertaking, especially in this depressing economic atmosphere. Many people, young and old, are looking to start a business by offering a service or selling a product.
Having financial freedom is a desire of many, including me. I look forward to the day when money won’t be a problem for me and I know there are others who look forward to that day as well.
The hard truth is, for many of us, that day may never come. People can say what they like, but when you have money, there are some things you don’t have to pray about.
In a desire to generate wealth and create an environment of financial freedom, many people have been chasing money with all their heart, mind and soul. It has become the thing that drives them; it is constantly on their mind and it utilizes most of their time and energy.
Depending on your world view and beliefs, this may be an acceptable and fine approach to have but if you profess to be a Christian, then this approach is ungodly.
As believers in Christ, we cannot let money be our first motivation; neither can we allow it to be what drives us towards holistic prosperity.
Prosperity is of God and is biblical. God wants us to prosper in our relationship with Him; in our faith, worship and prayer life; in our education; in our relationship with our children and spouse; in our health as well as in our finances; in our businesses and careers.
Prosperity in my life may look different to prosperity in yours but we serve a 360-degree God who is interested in making prosperous all aspects of our lives.
We hear a lot about an unbiblical preaching of a prosperity gospel from North America. I have not researched what they are teaching so what I am saying here is not linked in any way to it.
With the introduction of a new product via network marketing in the Barbadian community, many Christians are being consumed and controlled by a desire to make fast money; whether passively or actively. Based on trends and research, these types of businesses have a slim chance of long-term success in small environments like ours.
Nonetheless, I have no problem with people seeking financial freedom and making legitimate extra cash since I am currently doing the same via my T-shirt business.
What has me concerned is that our desire to get wealth is greater than our desire to serve and honour God. We represent our products and businesses with greater excitement and passion than we represent Christ in our workplaces, homes and communities.
We seize most opportunities to sell and market our products and services to strangers, friends and family but are very timid and embarrassed when it comes to telling people about the amazing God we serve.
Money is to be our slave and never our master. If our desire to obtain it is greater than our desire to serve, represent and honour God, then something is seriously wrong.
Jesus came from an entrepreneurial family. His 12 disciples were entrepreneurs as well and so was the apostle Paul. Business was a part of their lives but their desire to serve, represent and honour God was greater than their desire to make money.
I encourage you to grow your businesses, sell your products and offer your services but don’t allow your desire to generate wealth to be greater than your desire to love, serve and honour God.
Matthew 6:33 reminds us to “seek Christ first and His righteousness”.
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador. Email [email protected]