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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Supervise kids during summer holidays

Reverend Errington Massiah

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The summer holidays are here?once again and they can be considered as the long holidays. Some will be glad for them and others will not.
I am sure that our hard-working teachers in primary and secondary schools will be glad for them because it will give them much nee
ded time to recharge their batteries for the new academic year, while parents and guardians will not – for nine weeks is a very long time without organized activities for the children.
This is a case of not missing your water until the well runs dry.
Long holidays for many students can mean periods of inactivity and long hours without supervision. This can lead to lawlessness and criminal behaviour.
Thanks to Government for providing summer camps that cater to children and young people.
I am sure these camps provide some relief for many parents and guardians, and some form of employment for young people as camp directors and caterers who provide lunches.
If your children/wards will not be attending camps, please find something else for them to do.
I am convinced that one of the main reasons so many of our young people get in trouble with the law is because they do not have anything to do.
If there were animals in the yard – rabbits, sheep, cows, goats, pigs – they could look after them.
Some will say these things are old-fashioned and outdated, but it provides young people with responsibility early in their lives. t is also a form of discipline, which is lacking these days.
What always bothers me is that some parents/guardians give their cars to their children to go laces around our country with their friends, unsupervised. Please do not allow this because you may regret it!
To all young people, be very careful when you go to the sea during this summer holiday! Let it be tragedy-free. Please listen to all those who are over you.