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Dancehall group stirs up talk


Dancehall group stirs up talk

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CONTROVERSY MAY BE BREWING in the Cohobblopot with the inclusion of Jamaican dancehall group RDX in the line-up.
Facebook messages and tweets have been circulating, with many asking why the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) would put them in the show.
When the news broke, it became a back and forth tweet between RDX and others, and RDX tweeted on Tuesday, July 9, that they were not on the show: “Just to clarify: RDX are not booked for Cohobblopot in Barbados. So all you dancehall-hating patrons can rest easy.”
RDX went on to tweet that Lil Jon and Pitbull performed on the show, so they did not understand what the commotion was about: “Lil Jon, Pitbull are not even W.Indian people, but they performed at this same event before. Was there similar uproar?”
On Wednesday, July 10, the group tweeted: “What if we were to tell y’all that the organizers of Cohobblopot . . . contacted us to perform there on Aug 4???”