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Movie stars by accident

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Movie stars by accident

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That’s what happened to a group of women who were so busy gossiping about their boss and their workplace that they did not even realize that someone was taping them.
The person was just at the right place at the right time and happened to know the boss they were bad-talking. Shocked at the things that the four women were saying, the person quickly recorded the conversation on a cellphone and anonymously sent the clip to the boss and the board of directors at the institution where these women work.
Apparently, the women were all conspiring to get the boss fired because she had sent them warning letters about their poor work ethics and failure to adequately perform their duties.
It is left to be seen how these four bad-behaved gossipers, who were laughing and talking loudly about their boss in public, will be able to wriggle out of this situation.
Too many for trip
THE QUESTION still being asked is, why did so many people go on a talk shop trip?
Even those among the selected few who have been benefiting from the fatted calf are saying that the size of the group conveyed the wrong impression in these harsh economic times.
They are saying the only way the public will be convinced that sacrifices are necessary is if everyone appears to be making them, and not just one set of people.
Alternative lessons
CONCERNED PARENTS are planning to expose a certain man who was entrusted to teach their offspring.
Word has it that some parents have discovered that this man has been sleeping with some of the females after luring them with gifts and a lot of sweet talk.
The parents believe that the girls are being taken advantage of because of their naivety.
Upset parents are planning to complain to the police about this matter and they are hoping that this man is never allowed to continue teaching.
Duped by family
SOME FAMILY MEMBERS can be very wicked.
Take the case of the man who was diligently buying lumber to rebuild a house, but recently when he went where the lumber was being stored, not one piece was there.
The poor man reported the matter to the police but his family members said he never had any lumber stored there.
Now without any proof the man cannot even get his house rebuilt. But if he goes to a certain place he would see a big house being built.
What a shame!
Wait-and-see game
PEOPLE ARE WAITING to see what will happen when a certain woman departs her office.
Will the deputy become essential or will someone else be appointed to the post?
All eyes are on the boss because it is no secret where his heart lies. But employees are saying that he should think with his head and not about his bed.