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Judge slams late bus

Heather-Lynn Evanson

Judge slams late bus

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Cricket teams are “ferried” to Kensington Oval by police outriders when matches are held there, but the bus carrying prisoners from the island’s lone penal facility in St Philip must make it without any assistance to the High Courts in Bridgetown.
It is a situation that has one High Court judge hopping mad, especially after the bus carrying those prisoners arrived more than an hour late, at 10 a.m., for what was supposed to be a 9 o’clock start of court last Friday.
Calling the unescorted bus a security risk, Justice Randall Worrell blasted the powers that be which had removed the use of a police outrider or a siren on the bus.
“It is unfathomable beyond belief,” said the Assizes judge, “that the court is supposed to start at 9 and the prison bus doesn’t get here until 10.”