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Pan treat on sand

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Pan treat on sand

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THE MUCH ANTICIPATED Neal & Massy Pan Pun De Sand on Brandons Beach brought the three-day Crop Over pan showcase to a climax with a flourish.
As usual, pan lovers and those just looking for a lime and to have a good time descended on the beach by the thousands to soak up the hypnotic sounds. Those who did not want to be a part of the crush took up spots on the beach and the environs to be within earshot of the infectious rhythms.
Many came armed with chairs, stools, towels, blankets and other things to relax and shoot the breeze. Some even made a picnic of it and brought along food and drink. For those who opted not to do so, there were vendors set up on the beach and the road opposite with treats to satisfy any craving.
It was pan they went to hear, and it was exactly what they got. The five bands on the programme moved between two stages as they entertained with popular soca tracks from Barbados and across the region and some favourites from other genres. (YB)