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Gall Hill, still to get money from BFA

Randy Bennett

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The Barbados Football Association (BFA) and Pride of Gall Hill FC are at loggerheads.
This time, Gall Hill are crying foul over the fact the BFA still owes them prize money from the 2012 season.
Longstanding club member and a member of the management committee, Terry Sealy, told MIDWEEKSPORT that despite the fact the money had been promised before the start of this season, it was almost at an end and they were yet to be paid.
He revealed that close to $2 000 was owed to the club after they finished fourth in the Digicel Premier League.
“We were told around April that we would have been paid, and although we have gotten some of the money, we still haven’t received the remainder,” Sealy said.
“I am aware that we are not the only club which has not been paid in full, but we have been trying for months to get our money without any real commitment from the BFA.
“Just as the BFA owes us, we owe people as well, so it is important that we receive the money which is owed to us.”
BFA president Randy Harris said the association was experiencing financial difficulties.
However, he noted that in light of the circumstances, the BFA was moving as swiftly as possible to ensure that the clubs were paid.
“We are having some financial difficulties, but I think that we are managing pretty well.
“A number of clubs are still owed funds as well, and as soon as we get the money,we will pay them,” Harris said.