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Talented beauties

Amanda Norville

Talented beauties

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Seven young beauties – Khadija Moore, Lisa Maynard, Shanica Prescod, Janine Hinkson, Regina Ramjit, Ashley Roberts and Reah Yearwood – vied for the title of Miss Barbados World 2013 this past Sunday at the Savannah Hotel.
The show was the culminating event for this year’s competition. It was preceded by a prejudged bikini competition, won by Roberts.
The contest included a talent segment where the ladies showcased drama, dance and music. Unfortunately, some of the presentations were below par.
After modelling their evening wear designs, the ladies took part in the highly anticipated question and answer segment. During this final period the questions included: “If you were to become Miss Barbados World 2013, what would you tell the other six delegates?” and “If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?” as well as: “If you could change a single event in history, what would it be?”
Most of the contestants seemed to be either too nervous or under-prepared for the responses.
While the judging panel, which included franchise-holder Leah Marville and Richard Haynes of Baje International, deliberated the final results, the audience was entertained by Matt Cruz,  Komi Barrow and Russell Padmore of NexCyx who energized the crowd.
Afterwards outgoing title-holder Marielle Wilkie had this message for the contestants: “It is not about being better than the next girl but rather about being better than who you were before.”
Ramjit walked away with the Miss Barbados World title, the prize for Best Beauty With A Purpose project, Best Talent and the People’s Choice Award.
The second place went to Hinkson as well as the prize for Best Gown and a place in the top three of the Beauty with a Purpose contest.
In third place was Prescod who was also voted Miss Congeniality by her fellow contestants. Moore won Best Smile as well as a place in the top three finalists in the Beauty With A Purpose while Yearwood was named Most Photogenic.