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Graduands urged to do what they love

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Graduands urged to do what they love

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OVER 200 small entrepreneurs and prospective businesspeople recently received certification in a number of courses offered by the Small Business Association.
They came together for the celebration at the Savannah Beach Hotel last Thursday where they also had the opportunity to network and share ideas.
Motivational speaker Errol Griffith told the graduands they should always ensure they were doing a job that they loved and that made them happy, while doing it for “the right reasons”.
“I want to suggest to you that the highest level of productivity is when you apply the gifts and talents that God has given you towards the purpose that He has set for you. It is easier said than done but there is no greater fulfilment in life than finding what is it you are to do and seeking to do it. The other part is to operate on right principles and that is the even harder part,” he said.
Participants took part in nine courses for one year. (MM)