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BHTA responds to 10 Point plan

sherieholder, [email protected]

BHTA responds to 10 Point plan

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THE BHTA has listened with interest to the ten-point plan put forward by the Minister of Tourism and International Transport and is grateful for the attention to the sector and to a number of the issues which the Association has been advocating on behalf of its members. 
Because of the current state of the industry, we are particularly happy about the relief in the form of a rebate on electricity and water bills for an initial one-year period, the APD initiative for our important UK source market and the financing initiative.
The Association encourages the Government to move swiftly to ensure that all modalities involved in making both the rebate and the financing facility a reality are put in place as soon as possible so that the benefit of the relief can be quickly realized by the sector.
The initiatives related to the land tax rebate for the non-accommodation tourism sub sector and the focus on energy efficiency is also welcomed.
We pledge our continued support to Government and we look forward to regular dialogue as we work together on these, and other issues that we have raised, to move the industry forward.