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Sir Roy: Unions help create wealth


Sir Roy: Unions help create wealth

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That’s how general secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU), Sir Roy Trotman, has described comments suggesting that potential foreign investors may be running scared because of what they view as the over involvement of trade unions in local businesses.
Sir Roy, who has taken issue with statements attributed to managing director and chief executive officer of the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Ltd (ICBL), Ingrid Innes, said the paramount role of any union was the creation of wealth.
Innes suggested that the ICBL’s workforce was one of the most productive even though employees were unionized. Sir Roy said that the productivity levels were higher because the employees were unionized.
“The Barbados Workers’ Union has been preaching for many years a payments by results system. We have talked about productivity enhancing-programmes and how we can improve the quality and efficiency of work while at the same time causing workers to be happier and more satisfied with the work that they do.