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A designing ‘legend’


A designing ‘legend’

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International designer Simon Foster was hailed as a fashion legend by fellow local designers.
Foster, 68, who used his passion for fashion to ultimately set up his retail boutique Simon Peter Disciples of Style, collapsed and died last Tuesday night in Paynes Bay, St James, near his boutique.
According to designers who knew him, the Guyanese-born Foster, who settled in Barbados, embodied character and had an uncommon talent.
Close friend Pauline Bellamy, a prominent local designer, was in shock over Foster’s death, describing him as “an extraordinary designer with an original point of view”.
“Simon created a brand that feels Caribbean style with a distinctive international flair. I shall always remember the laughs we shared, his warmth and his ability to instantly become a friend,” she said.
Two other members of the local fashion community, Nefertari Caddle and Pat Brathwaite, were also shocked by the death.
“He was a friend of mine and it was just very shocking . . . . He was a very quiet person, a very gentle human being,” Nefertari said.
For her, Foster’s work was original, “very creative and one of a kind”.  
Colleague Brathwaite shared in the loss of a “compassionate and encouraging man”.
She said Foster made a significant contribution to the fashion industry not only through his work but through his kindness.
Foster, Brathwaite said, always offered good advice.
“He was never too busy to give of his time,” she said.
Brathwaite characterized Foster’s work as inspirational, saying his pieces were very “alive”.
Long after Foster’s death, the clothing would remain in the memory of many, she said.
“They had a very distinct character to them. I would say he brought a fresh look to resort wear. Although it had a Caribbean flair it had an international look to it. I would say each piece was different and very inspiring.
“As a young girl designing, [I found] it carried an original look. When you saw Simon’s stuff you saw Simon’s stuff. You knew it,” she said.