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Doc: Too late

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Doc: Too late

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THE CORONER’S COURT heard yesterday that Jamar Maynard, who died from excessive blood loss after being shot by police last year, could have survived if he had received attention in a timely manner.
Dr Alan Smith said that by the time the 27-year-old reached the operating theatre he had lost too much blood and his chances of survival were “very low”.
The witness also told the court that while he could not say if the injury Maynard came in with was caused by a bullet, the wounds to the front and back of his arm “could be consistent with a gunshot wound . . . and, assuming it was a bullet wound, the entry wound would have been the smaller one on the back of the arm and the exit wound would have been the larger wound on the front of the arm”.
Maynard died early on April 4, 2012, after being shot by police the previous night. (DP)