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Judy Bailey to sing before the Pope

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Judy Bailey to sing before the Pope

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A Barbadian songstress is set to sing to over a million people.
And it’s not Grammy-award winner Rihanna.
Judy Bailey is now set to become a household name.
Bailey, who currently lives in Germany, heads off to Brazil tomorrow, where she will perform in Rio De Janiero eight times at the World Youth Day celebrations.Inclusive of her worldwide audience, will be Pope Francis.
Bailey will be singing at various locations including the Camino Niemayer and Copacabana. There will be at least one million people from all over the world as well as international television stattions present when she sings at Guaratiba/Campus Fidei.
Approximately 5 500 accredited journalists from around the world will cover the event. The World Youth Day is considered the largest youth event in the world.One song particularly important to Bailey is “Spirit of Freedom” which was heard on the official FIFA album for the last World Cup in South Africa, in 2010. She produced a new version with musicians from Europe and Africa.
She had released a special liturgical celebration CD and book with the Anglican Church in Barbados earlier this year. “Lift Up Your Hearts” takes the traditional liturgical texts said and sung every Sunday morning in churches in Barbados and throughout the world and laces them with Caribbean and African rhythms.
She succeeds in creating a joyful approach to the Eucharist while maintaining the substance and reverence of liturgy. Bailey will integrate a taste of the liturgy project into her music at the World Youth Day, and will be in Barbados in August as a part of the Anglican Bishops’ Congress where she will introduce the new liturgy project to Bishops around the region. (BA/PR)