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Kellie’s warning

Maria Bradshaw

Kellie’s warning

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Minister of?Housing Denis Kellman says he will soon have to make tough decisions about builders contracted by the National Housing Corporation (NHC)?to construct houses but failed to complete their projects.
Questioned by the SUNDAY?SUN yesterday about the number of housing projects which appeared to have come to a standstill, Kellman said: “Those projects are not at a standstill. I have spoken to some of the contractors and I have told them that those who can’t deliver, we would do what we have to do.”
He added that Cabinet might soon have to meet to make a decision on those “who cannot fulfill their obligation”.
The NHC?has several housing projects underway in Lancaster Stages 1 and 2, St James; Parish Land and Woodbourne, St Philip, and West Terrace/Durants in St James, with houses either completed or appearing to be near completion. However, there has been no physical activity at these sites for several months.
While not identifying which projects faced problems, Kellman said he had been very patient and tolerant of the situation since taking over the Ministry of Housing in March.