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Best thing for all is ‘to have love’

Cheryl Harewood

Best thing for all is ‘to have love’

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People must treat each other as though they all came from the same womb, preacher Dr Ron Hercules told a service for families and friends at Caribbean Transformation Ministries International recently.
Hercules said the greatest thing for anyone to have was love and he urged his audience to love their spouses, love themselves, their neighbours and their enemies.
“If you do not have love you are nothing,”?he said. “There are people who will discover that despite all the good they do, if they do not have love, it profits them nothing.”
“Love treats each other as family, even when discipline is necessary. Love never fails, and maturity in Christ is marked by a love for Christ and for others. The greatest thing for us to have is love – even above faith and hope.”
Another speaker, Rev. Dr David Durant, described the family as a serious institution; where children must leave their parents and cleave to their spouses.
“God ordained the institution of marriage for procreation, companionship and intimacy,” he said. “He created man and woman and instructed them to multiply and increase. A man and woman are involved in that procreation activity.
“God did not bring a man out of Adam, but a woman, so they could replenish the earth. Procreation is the hallmark of marriage. If two people of the same sex want to be together, they can go ahead and be together, but don’t ask for same sex unions to become legal.”
He described same-sex marriages as an abomination.
“Same sex unions are a dirty, wicked deception from the pit of hell, and God is calling on the church to take a stand. The church cannot compromise.”
He said that marriage was not a contract, but rather a covenant between a man and a woman in the eyes of God.
Durant alleged that an attack on family life was being engineered by the United States and Europe, and urged the congregation to pray for families the world over.