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DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I forgive a kiss?

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I forgive a kiss?

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Dear Christine,
Three months ago I put a little “I love you” note in my husband’s wallet (as I do from time to time), and was horrified to find a perfume-scented love note from one of his female co-workers. All he’d admit is that he kissed her – once.
When my husband was married to his former wife he had multiple affairs, but since we’ve been together he claims to be a “changed man”. Now I’m not so sure.
We both agreed to work on our relationship. He has since left his job and taken another. However, there’s still a real distance between us. We no longer share the same bed. I need guidance. I haven’t worn my wedding rings since he admitted to “the kiss” with that woman. Am I being too harsh?
Dear Wife,
You could be. After all, your husband did change jobs, which would put temptation at a distance.
I think for you to get past all that has happened, you should seek some professional counselling, perhaps from a pastor, priest or trained counsellor. Sleeping in separate beds will not solve the problem.