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Two-timer still wants my love

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Two-timer still wants my love

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Dear Christine,
PLEASE GIVE ME some sound advice regarding a situation I am presently facing.
I have been seeing this guy for the past 11 months and everything between us seemed fine until I discovered that when we became good friends, there was another woman in his life who became pregnant with his child.
You can imagine how hurt I was at finding this out for myself.
Why didn’t he say something when we met? Why did he string me along, knowing there was someone else in the picture?
The worst thing is that he not only has this woman pregnant, the baby is due later this year, which means that after we met and became friendly, he actually was still seeing this woman.
I am extremely hurt and feel like I’ve been taken for a ride. When I asked him why he never told me about this second life he is living, he simply said, it would not have any effect on our relationship. Can you believe that? He has a woman pregnant and I have been seeing him for 11 months and he says there is no problem!
I have decided that I want nothing more to do with this man, but he keeps calling and pestering me.
What should I do? He says he wants for us to be together and that it is me he really loves.
– S.P.
Dear S.P.,
You should let this man know that you’re nobody’s fool and that what he did was wrong. Do not allow him back into your life if you have already decided to finish the relationship.
Also, look on the bright side. It’s a good thing that you discovered this earlier rather than later when the emotional bond would have been a lot harder to break.
When he calls, do not answer the telephone and do not make any plans to meet him, either.