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BCCI:Hire the right people for the job

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

BCCI:Hire the right people for the job

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Vice President (Finance) of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) Peter Downes believes that the core reason for problems in the workplace such as inefficiency and low productivity stem from employers not hiring the right people for the job in the first place and then not effectively developing them to their full potential.
Responding to comments attributed to a local businessman who lamented that Barbadian workers were “lazy” and “inefficient,” Downes noted that if the wrong person was hired for the job in the first place, there was sure to be problems later down the road. 
Downes, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Profiles Caribbean Inc, believes that these problems would be greatly reduced if more businesses engaged in using “psychometric assessments”.
Psychometric assessments seek to measure human behaviour, interests and thinking style among other things. It is a useful tool for pre-screening potential employees and is ideal for matching people to jobs to ensure the right fit,” the CEO stated.
“There are several assessment tools available to help employers and existing employees improve their performance by critically examining strengths and development areas,” Downes continued.
“The Barbadian labour force is seen as well-educated and informed. But we have become a little too complacent in our outlook and this has hurt our competitiveness,” he pointed out.
Downes, who is also seasoned human resources professional, added that workers needed to be properly trained prior to entering the workforce.
“Over the years, the business community has been highly critical of the quality of graduates coming out to work, citing poor interview skills, lack of business etiquette and poor work ethic among other things.  The BCCI and the Social Partnership in conjunction with Profiles Caribbean Inc. has developed the World of Work programme to help young people to prepare for employment and to create avenues for mentorship through attachments with various business houses,” Downes stated.
He also stressed that employers too could stand to benefit from on-going training to ensure that their workforce produced motivated and efficient workers.