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Enjoying the sweets, but won’t marry me

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Enjoying the sweets, but won’t marry me

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Dear Christine,
Although I have been living with a man for the past three years and have done everything possible to please him, he keeps postponing any plans we make to get married.
He does not even sleep at my home. I am the one who has to go to his. He comes to my house for food and sex and to bring his clothes to be washed. He also brings his little boy, whom he has to take care of.
Christine, this man has a good job and a nice little house. I don’t see what’s keeping him from getting married. I feel as though he is using me. He is the one who is getting all the pleasure and I am here just wondering what to expect. I would be grateful for some advice from you.
– P.B.
Dear P.B.,
Really, the ball seems to be in your court. If you are convinced that this man is using you, you have the option of getting out of the relationship or allowing him to continue using you.
If it’s marriage you want and he is evading it, let him know how you feel. If he understands you feel strongly about this kind of a commitment, you might get him to the altar – although I doubt it. He may not necessarily be the marrying kind.
The thing therefore is to let him know how you feel and from his response, you’ll know what to do from there.