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Welcome all ideas to right Barbados’ ills

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Welcome all ideas to right Barbados’ ills

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IN THIS PERIOD when we are being flooded on a consistent basis with more than our fair share of negative thoughts and doomsday comments, it is refreshing to see a businessman taking a positive approach by suggesting that we adopt a different attitude by starting to look at ways of developing a better tomorrow.
His proposals may not have captured headlines and become a major talking point on social media; indeed they may not be totally new, but construction executive Mark Maloney’s comments, coming at this time of serious economic uncertainty, are worth not only reviewing and considering, but more importantly implementing.
As a people we have long looked to and credited our political, business and labour leaders with more than they are due.
In fact, we have accorded them some type of messianic status, only to realize, often far too late, that they have neither special gifts nor skills, but owe any success to the collaborative input of fate and the people’s support.
That is why Mr Maloney’s suggestion that we promote change and get this country back on the right track by hearing diverse suggestions should be pursued. The initiative must involve all Barbadians and while we look for and expect leadership from those at the helm of either government, business and labour, it is clear this is no ordinary period and we cannot sit back and await direction.
 We endorse some of his precepts: giving an honest day’s work; living within one’s means; higher productivity; and reaching out to help someone. The truth is that these are things we talk about every day; the harsh reality is that we must practise them consistently.
We would want to add a few suggestions of our own: faster implementation of agreed plans and proposals; elimination of overlapping and duplication; consistent supreme customer service; and food self-sufficiency; and generally being more efficient in whatever we do.
 So we commend those who are showing initiative, be it the members of our Coast Guard who have decided to cut their food bill by growing some of what they eat or those private sector businesses that have forged ahead with alternative energy systems rather than waiting until all the possible benefits are immediately available.
 We are facing challenging times. We need to hear all shades of opinion and change our behaviour. No one must be discouraged; neither should any idea be dismissed because it has not emanated from some high official.
Perhaps it is the perfect time not only for criticisms but also for suggestions. This must be done from all quarters, but especially from those in positions of influence, because it is about what we treasure most – Barbados, our homeland.

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